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This week, I have decided that due to the fact that I have individuals squatting on the green belt next to my house (who supposedly cannot be removed as it’s unconstitutional to chase them away), I am going to install a fire pool and theatre at my home as security measures to counter this problem.

I will be writing these expenses off against Alu-Cab’s tax bill as they are obviously seen as essential security measures, should our new neighbours get restless and start a fire or invade my garden. Oh, and for the record, this is only the beginning, as I have assessed things around my home and there are other expenses required in order to further protect it against the rapid growth of unemployment and homelessness in our neighbourhood. This social decline is due to the fact that the masses of money that the honest hardworking people of South Africa are paying into the coffers of horribly corrupt government officials is getting used for lining pockets instead of building our nation.

Although I understand that I am expected to remain positive, lead by example and show respect to all fellow human beings, I am starting to find that I ask myself, “What the f**k????”, as I feel as though I am continuously being punished for being a part of the backbone of this country.

On another disturbing note, the rhino poaching is still occurring at an alarming rate throughout the country. As you may know, we have been proud supporters of who fight hard for our animals. Even though they have had amazing support from all over the world, they still need your and Alu-Cab’s help. Elise from has approached Alu-Cab with a very specific request, knowing that our clients would be her best bet in finding support for their next appeal.

The Anti-Poaching Rangers on the Mozambique side of Kruger, trained and supported by, do not receive the same level of funding as our rangers on the SA side do. They desperately require basic camping equipment, used or second hand, and in good working condition.

The equipment is going to be deployed via SRP’s partnership with Sanparks, ECI and project Lebombo to selected teams working along the Mozambique border. Elise will be giving us feedback as the equipment is deployed and we will again pass her feedback on to you.


  1. Canvas tents, preferably in traditional camouflage or bush colours
    (although anything helps)
  2. Ground sheets
  3. Gas bottles, cookers, and lights
  4. Chairs, tables, sleeping bags and blankets
  5. Trommels
  6. Water bottles or water containers
  7. Eating utensils - plates, cutlery, etc.
  8. Multi-tools
  9. Torches
  10. Communication devices - old cell phones, smart phones, etc.

Going through the list of items required, one gets an idea as to just how hectic a job it is protecting our rhinos. I guess I have no real concept as to what it must actually be like going to ‘war’ against these poachers. I saw a news clip this morning on a stash of horns and lion teeth that were discovered in the hands of foreigners and I found myself wondering how it is that we ‘humans’ will stop at nothing as a result of greed. Hunger I can maybe understand, but greed I just don’t get.

If you have any enquiries please mail Michahn at

Oh boy, I’m rambling… This is meant to be a platform to promote Alu-Cab and keep our 4x4 enthusiasts enthusiastic about our Alu-Cab products. Instead, I am going to be accused of running for parliament!


Well, we are flat-box building the Ossewa campers for Avis Safari Rentals. I hate to boast about a product, but I love this camper. Sometimes, when you do something right, you just know it. This four-sleeper camper inspires me to camp. I know this, as each time I park one in my driveway, my kids are inside it straight away and they refuse to sleep in the house. I have always thought that camping is about the bush, but with the Ossewa, it’s about the camping; the bush is the bonus.

These campers are coming off the line at a rapid rate. If you would like to test drive one, contact Avis (although they tell me that they are booked for season already!)


In other Alu-Cab developments, we have just launched the Cruiser Full Vertical Rear Door Canopy with spare wheel carrier. Why would you choose this? Apart from the obvious reason that the canopy provides great packing space with easy access, this design also properly seals the rear of the Cruiser (which has been a headache for many Cruiser owners) and it solves your spare wheel storage problem, as the wheel is normally stored on the load bin. With the Vertical Rear Door Canopy, the wheel goes straight on to the rear door. Alu-Cab is running a GREAT SPECIAL on this unit for the month of June - with every canopy ordered, you get a FREE Alu-Cab camping table mounted in the roof! DON’T MISS OUT! Contact your nearest Alu-Cab dealer for more information and to place your order!


On the international front, I have just returned from the Abenteuer Allrad Show in Germany. This year was our 3rd year running. Alu-Cab is growing like crazy over there. I am still amazed that this little business based in Cape Town, or ‘Slaapstad’, as the Gautengers like to call us, is supplying Europe and more importantly, Germany. There are no tougher customers than the Germans. Their demand for perfection is almost impossible to satisfy, yet amazingly we are achieving this with every order that leaves our shop. It is for this purpose that we have signed up for ISO 9001 and this week, we received the ‘thumbs up’ and are now officially ISO compliant. I have said it before and I’ll say it again, “Manufacturing is not for sissies,” but in South Africa it is that much more exciting. I say this as my computer battery flashes - a reminder for a recharge while waiting for the lights to come back on after yet another period of load shedding.
On the Australian front, Jakkie, our Australian dealer has just purchased himself a fantastic new building in Perth. This is a confident step in further establishing the brand in Australia. We have another container leaving for Oz any day now, packed with awnings and tents.
We have started negotiations for sending a few of our products to the US. We will let you know about any further developments on this front.
The next few months at Alu-Cab are heating up as we are busy with developing a number of new products for the market place. WATCH THIS SPACE - we will make sure that you are the first to know of our new offerings!


Voetspore and Alu-Cab
Johan Badenhorst

The Voetspore Team and Alu-Cab have had a long and trusty relationship. On our last expedition, ‘Voetspore in the Great Rift Valley’, we decided to take it one step further…There are certain basic requirements for a canopy: it must be sturdy, dustproof and waterproof. These are non-negotiable. But then you get the Alu-Cab canopy. In addition to the previous requirements, are practicality and versatility. Jeremy Bergh and his team have over the years developed an aluminium canopy of exceptional quality. In 2014, the Voetspore Team added their 5 cents worth of input to get as close to the perfect canopy as possible.

Francois Marais, manager of the Voetspore Store and veteran Voetspore Team member, sat down with the Alu-Cab Team to develop this canopy. We were happy with the basics – the canopy with the gull wing doors, drawer system and fridge slide, but we had to refine it even further. As a result, the left side of the canopy was developed into a kitchenette; when one stops along the roadside for a quick coffee, everything has to be at hand. Added to the kitchenette is the gas stove that folds into the drawer and is easily attached to the gas bottle, fitted to the rear left of the canopy; for when you set up camp, late afternoon, and start to prepare one of your gourmet safari dishes.

On top of the drawer system is the fridge, mounted on a slide for easy access. It is important that the fridge is boxed in as this prevents other luggage from dropping in behind it when it is slid out. The top of this ‘box’ is very handy for the storage of your camping chairs. It makes life very easy. The right hand gull wing compartment is used for recovery equipment. All of the snatch straps, snatch ropes, bridles, shackles, defaulters, etc. are kept on this compartment. We even fitted the ARB air compressor here, complete with 5 meter hose for easy access to all four tyres.

Other items fitted to the canopy that make it perfect for a three month safari are: the LED light bars fitted to each door as well as to the interior of the canopy, the cutting knives and axes fitted to the inside of the recovery wing door, and the Maxtracs fitted to the exterior and the vent opening that are responsible for positive pressure to the interior of the canopy, preventing dust from entering. For many years I have had a serious dislike for roof top tents. Not only the three o’clock morning call of nature made me dislike this mode of camping, but especially the way in which they are designed to be erected and folded. These became a far more serious challenge for your patience than any border crossing or Zimbabwean Police road block. Jeremy then convinced me to look at the Alu-Cab roof top tent. This, I can confidently say, is the best invention since the discovery of sliced bread. It takes 5 seconds to erect and even quicker to fold up. It is waterproof and dustproof. It still does not prevent the three o’clock morning call of Mother Nature, but then one cannot expect Jeremy and his team to have a solution for everything…


JUNE WINNER: Team Tolbos

"I would like to introduce you to Team TolBos! Our Bakkie's name in “Maximus” and this was our first expedition in him. 

Alu-Cab had supplied me with a Canopy that’s fully kitted with the Kitchen and Rescue cupboards, Dual drawer system, 60lt water tank, dual battery system, 270’ Shadow Awning, camping table, Sand Trax carriers and other goodies.

I know we don't have exotic locations such as Botswana, Zambia, etc. but we are ensuring that the bakkie and all the goodies work and that we get our set-up perfect before we head North. So many people head straight North without getting to see the beautiful places we have here in good old RSA. Thanks again." - Team Tolbos



Until next time, happy over-landing.   

Jeremy Bergh


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